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Get Hot Water From Solar?

With Solar Hot Water systems the panel produces hot water, enough for your daily shower or a nice soak in a hot bath! The amount of hot water produced depends on the size of the installed system, typically this could be up to 70% of your daily requirements. Importantly the Solar Hot Water system will supplement your household usage with free hot water for many years to come.

Grants of £400 to homes are available for installing Solar Hot Water systems through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Different local authorities run grant schemes where additional funding could be made available

MCS certificates microgeneration

Remember, any installation should be carried out by a competently qualified installer authorised under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), look for the logo.

How It Works

Inside the panel are small pipes that carry a liquid, similar to the anti-freeze in your car, as the sun shines the panel conducts heat to these pipes and so the liquid inside gets hot. This heat is then transferred to your hot water cylinder, in the same way as your boiler, simple.

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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